How to get to Bari, Italy

Reaching Bari is not difficult at all: this is possible thanks to the fact that Bari is the provincial capital of the region and for this reason it is one of the major touristic destinations of southern Italy. Bari is also very important for its geographical location which provides connections with northern and central Italy and with foreign countries.

Re aching Bari by plane
The Airport of Bari is the Palese Airport. The airport is one of the most important airports of the region. Many destinations are reachable thanks to some partnerships with the major airlines (either low-cost or flag carrier).






Reaching Bari by train
Like all the big cities of Apulia, Bari is connected by railway with all Italian city centres. The major Italian railway public company is TRENITALIA .


Reaching Bari by car
Reaching Bari by car is faster by using the motorways: the A14 starts at Bologna and touches Foggia, Bari, Taranto and the A16 that connects Bari and Naples. Italian motorways are mostly administrated by ANAS Concessionary Companies and are usually subjected to payment of the toll.

 Reaching Bari by Bus
Buses allow you to reach Bari from every part of Italy. There are many Bus Companies in Bari with daily departures heading to Milan, Bologna, Rome, Naples, Pisa, Siena, Palermo e Catania.

The major companies are:
Asv (Linea Urbana Bitonto);  Baltour ciarrocchi; Chiruzzi; Conca michele autoservizi extraurbani; Elios autoservizi; Fal; Ferrovie del Gargano; Ferrovie del Sud; Ferrotramviaria; Interbus; Marino michele; Marozzi; Miccolis; Saps; Stp; Sita puglia.




 Reaching Bari by ship
The port of Bari is considered the link between Italy, the Balkans and the Orient in general. Bari is considered a necessary stopover. In 2007 the port of Bari welcomed 1.800.000 passengers.

The principal connections serve: Durrës (Albany), Igoumenitsa (Greece), Patras (Greece), Corfu (Greece), Dubrovnik (Croatia) and Bar (Montenegro).  

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