MakeLearn & TIIM quality assurance policy

MakeLearn & TIIM International Conference Quality Assurance Policy

International Conference on Management of Knowledge and Learning MakeLearn as well as the TIIM International Conference have set several standards in order to achieve a high level of quality in their implementation.


Each member of Programme Board is involved in designing and implementing the review process of the conference. Programme Board members set several standards in order to achieve a high level of quality in conference implementation.


Submitted papers are subject to a double-blind review process which greatly assists in the elimination of any perception of bias for or against an author or institution based on "name" recognition, country, gender, etc. This helps assure authors that reiewers judge submitted papers equally and that they judge the submitted paper and not the author(s) and/or their affiliation(s).


Each submitted abstract is evaluated primarily on the basis of content and relevance. If the abstract is accepted, the author is invited to submit the full paper which is also subjected to a double-blind review process. Full papers are evaluated on the basis of originality, clarity, methodological standards of a research paper, significance of their findings, and clarity of exposition. Author is allowed to submit the full paper without previously submitting the abstract. In this case, the full paper is subjected to a double-blind review process and evaluated by criteria as stated above for the abstract and full paper together.


Conference Proceedings include only full-length papers that have successfully passed the review process. Proceedings are published in electronic form and they have all features of an academic publication, including its own ISSN number which makes them into a fully refereed conference publication.


Moreover, MakeLearn & TIIM conference announces best paper awards, which additionally strengthes quality of the event.

By including individuals from major regional businesses, MakeLearn & TIIM also encourages discussion and the exchange of knowledge between the academia and the economy. Although the general theme of the conference, i.e. management of knowledge, learning, and the innovation in technology remains the same, each year the focus of the conference is adapted to regional and global findings, occurrences and needs of the time.


The international programme board meets every year during the conference, evaluates it and proposes improvements for the next year. It also proposes and discusses possible focal topics for the next conferences.

Furthermore, we pay special attention to smooth and friendly organisation of the conference. We also do our best to provide conference participants with all the right information and logistics support. Finally, we intend to keep the conference fee at the current level which also covers the costs of organization, supporting activities and social programme in order to provide participants with a quality conference experience.


Publishing ethics

MakeLearn & TIIM conference follows the Publishing Ethics as defined by the ToKnowPress International Academic Publisher. MakeLearn publishing ethics is available here.


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